Supplier of quality shellfish since 1883


Skookum Bay

Where are you located?
We harvest clams and oysters from Skookum & Totten Inlets, near Shelton, Washington

What kind of shellfish do you grow?
95% Manila clams, 5% oysters

What kind of clams do you raise?
Manila Clams

Do you harvest native clams?
We do not sell the native harvest due to their short shelf-life.

What kind of oysters do you sell?
Pacific, Olympia & Kumamoto oysters


Do you sell geoduck?

What is so special about Skookum Inlet?
The Inlet, which is part of South Puget Sound, is protected yet has strong currents which refresh the water twice each day, bringing fresh nutrients to the shellfish.

Why is Skookum Inlet shellfish different from shellfish grown in other parts of the United States?
The sunlight here affects algae that the clams and oysters feed on. Shellfish eat the algae from their waters and take on the flavor of that area.

Is product taken from Skookum Inlet & Totten Inlet the same?
No.  Totten Inlet is deeper water which affects the flavor.

Does the time of year or weather affect the flavor?
Yes.  For example, in May, the clams are brinier; after a hard rain, they’re more mild.

What about the old adage about avoiding oysters during months without an “r?”
That’s not entirely true here in the Northwest.  The old rule comes from the fact that during months when the water is warmer, a naturally occurring bacteria in the water proliferates. This bacteria, if eaten in a raw oyster, can make certain people ill. Here in the Northwest, that more often means from July through September or the first half of October.  We at LSSG monitor conditions and won’t sell our oysters unless we know they’re safe.

    Cooking the oysters and clams thoroughly will kill this bacteria.

Does this apply to clams?
The bacteria is also in clams, but if they are cooked well, no one will become sick.

Do you test the water for other pollutants?
Yes.  The State of Washington also tests the water & certifies our beaches.

What is the shelf-life of a clam?
7 days from harvest.

How should they be stored?
In the refrigerator, covered with a damp cloth.  Never store them in water or plastic.

Is it safe to cook clams that are open?
No.  Discard clams that are open and don’t close when tapped.  Clams should open AFTER they are cooked.

How do we know we are getting your shellfish and that it’s fresh?
By law, consumers are allowed to see the harvest tag, which states when, where and by whom shellfish is harvested.

Do your oysters yield pearls?
Sometimes.  You could get lucky. The pearls from oysters in our area are an oblong shape and milky grey.